Friday, December 3, 2010

A Juicy, Meaty Donation!

Boy, do I have a delicious morsel of happiness to share...a couple of evenings ago (just as I was posting my last entry here), Chris Meiering from the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund was writing to tell me that Sophie and I are the recipients of their maximum allowable gift of $750! That's enough to cover about one and a half weekly chemo visits for us, which is HUGE!

I immediately wrote my mother to tell her the good news, and she was amused at my mention of the "physical symptoms of joy" that I was feeling at that moment. From the very first day that we received the grant from Frankie's Friends, to EACH and EVERY donation on this page from family and friends, and now this new gift, my physical symptoms have been the same each time: My chest tightens up, my heart races, I feel butterflies in my stomach and can barely's not a heart attack, it is pure gratitude and relief.

THANK YOU for giving me this feeling!

Sophie is finishing up chemo now and I'll be on my way soon to pick her up. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Jenny & Sophie

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