Friday, February 18, 2011

A Very Busy Week For Dare2Care

Dear fans of Sophie,

What a week we've had for the Dare2Care4Sophie campaign! I have been enjoying putting together short videos to give you all a more personal look at our fundraising actitivites. I still have some editing to do, but in the meantime, I don't want to keep you waiting on our latest updates! So here goes:

Last weekend, I ran a 5K race in Brooklyn's Prospect Park in full costume to represent Sophie's cause. I'd been gathering the materials (and courage) to make my first appearance as the "Dancing Dog" character, and I could not think of more appropriate debut than among the supportive running community. I met a woman named Valerie who shared her own heartache of losing a dog to lymphoma. I also gave out a few cards for the website, and one of my favorite running buddies, Heather, was there to support me. It was a blast! You can view my video of the day on the Blog & Videos tab of our website, or the Dare2Care4Sophie YouTube channel.

As you know, Monday was Valentine's Day. It was also Sophie's six-year adopt-a-versary! In addition to being a special day to commemorate our six years together, Monday was also the day to perform my first official dare - to wear the bright pink wig from Dr. Oberthaler the entire day. I really enjoyed wearing it, drawing attention to Sophie's story, and of course, receiving quite a few compliments! I took photos and video that day as well, and the new video will be live on our site and YouTube channel shortly.

(As a reminder, I am 100% willing to dye my hair that shade of pink in exchange for a donation! DARE me!)

While the dare was "part one" of Valentine's Day, part two was much more challenging. I put on my costume, grabbed my boombox and headed down to Madison Square Garden, where the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show was in town. Earlier that day, I was fortunate to score a complimentary day pass for Tuesday's events (thank you, Jenny & Melissa from Atlanta!). So on Monday night, I wanted to take advantage of the many dog lovers in town and shake my tutu for donations. The evening was both exhausting and cathartic, and I made almost $50! I can't wait to show you all that video, as well.

As hard as it was to drag myself out of bed the next morning, I didn't want my Westminster ticket to go to waste. So off I went to the Garden, decked out in full costume with a stack of cards for the website, to do some networking. I had a lovely interaction with a fellow named Robert who works for Classwish, who are partnering with Fido Friendly magazine on a very special contest to benefit educators and dogs. What a combo! Read about the sweepstakes here. I was also interviewed on camera by Inside Edition! That was pretty exciting, and a lot of folks requested to have their photos taken with me in my costume. I had so many warm interactions with all kinds of people...not to mention THE AMAZING DOGS! I had only a couple of hours to spend before heading into work, but the time was well worth it. I will publish a slideshow of photos very soon.

So after spending a few nights at home with Sophie, I took a look at my weekend race calendar and came across a trail race in Staten Island called the Cold Feat 10K, organized by the New York Adventure Racing Association. On a whim, I decided to write to them about Sophie's cause, asking if they might consider giving me a break on the $30 entry fee. They said yes! And before I knew it, I was signed up for a 10K on Saturday and a 10-mile race on Sunday, for which I'd previously registered. It's going to be a crazy weekend.

Other than that, I have just been trying to take advantage of the warmer weather here in NYC, which is having a very uplifting effect on Sophie. During our walks this week, she has shown an exuberance toward other dogs that I have not seen in awhile. Her skin issues are stable at the moment and to me, she looks as beautiful as ever. Our next chemotherapy appointment is on Wednesday, and thanks to all of our new donors, we can afford it.

Wish me luck with my races, and have a great weekend, everyone!


Jenny & Sophie

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