Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Contributions and Great News!

Okay guys, as of sharing the link to our ChipIn page on Facebook this morning, Sophie and I have received a whopping $160 from four contributors! That's enough to sustain us for two weeks of car rides and copays! I won't list the contributors' names here in case they wish to remain anonymous, but they know who they are and I have thanked them individually. I am most grateful for your contributions.

For anyone who might be wondering, contributions to this page are deposited directly into my dedicated account for Sophie via Paypal. As much as I'd like to use the funds for my own therapy sessions and the occasional pint of Ben & Jerry's, rest assured that your donations are being used appropriately.

In other fundraising news, Sophie and I have been awarded another grant! Pit Bull Rescue Central has graciously donated $250 to Sophie's bill. That's enough to cover about half of the cost of one weekly treatment, which is huge!

Sophie's at NYCVS this morning receiving chemotherapy (and lots of love from her new buddies there). This news, and your contributions, have cast a ray of sunshine on this day.


Jenny & Sophie

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