Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Super Fun Day In The City With MOM!

Wowwee wow, WHAT a weekend! Mom and I did all sorts of stuff. She's been working waaaay too hard lately and it was so pretty outside, so we spent tons of quality time together and that's my FAVORITE thing to do!

I couldn't wait for Mommy to get home from work on Friday night. I was asleep in my basket when I heard her come in, and she sat down beside me to rub my belly and ask me about my day. After a few minutes she got all sniffly, and I tilted my head to ask her what was wrong. She told me it was just a really long hard day and that she's worried about a lot of things right now. She had a long talk with Kristie and Johnny (Angel's mom and dad), and they are REALLY helping us raise the money I need for radiation. But Mom's afraid she'll run out of time and energy and she doesn't want to let me down. I looked at her in a certain way and tried to let her know that she's an AWESOME mom and I have such a happy life with her. She could never let me down!

Saturday morning was much much better for Mom. Don't you just love waking up and the sun is shining, and the birds are singing and everything seems all happy again and you just can't wait to get outside?! Well that's just what we did! When I see Mom packing her backpack, and she puts in a little bag of treats and a bone, I just know we're going somewhere fun together and I can BARELY contain myself!! I didn't even wait for the elevator, I took off running down six flights of stairs!

First we had to stop at our friend Janet's office for a visit. We were almost late from talking to auntie Kristie and unkie Johnny on Skype (WHOAH! Omidog Skype is SO COOL and I saw the WHOLE PACK over there!!), so we decided to splurge on a cab. I was a really good girl in the car and Mom took pics and stuff. Janet is Mom's therapist and they've been seeing each other since before I even came to live with Mom. I LOVE going to see Janet because she's one of my biggest fans, and she smells like her two pretty cats, and and there's all sorts of nice friendly people at her office, and and and she lets me kiss her a little bit and roll around on her rug which feels rully rully good!!! So I just let the girls talk for awhile and it got pretty boring, and by the time I felt a little snooze coming on, Mommy said it was time to go the park and we took off again!!

Central Park is right across the street and we couldn't wait to get over there. We walked around for awhile, and sat down so Mom could have a sandwich. She gave me my bone to keep me busy for a few minutes, but I was like omidog ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! There's all these other dogs and smelly food and birds and squirrels and horses and things! I'm not interested in any bone, MOM. So we walked some more down by the big fountain and then we saw the big lake. People were out in the lake in rowboats and it looked really fun! Mom looked at the boats, and then she looked at me, and then she looked at the boats again and then back at me, and I knew she was thinking what I was thinking! I've never been on a boat and it's on my bucket list so LET'S GO!!!

Omidog it was SO FUN. I mean SO FUN, like nothing I've ever done before! I could see so much and so far across the water, and we saw turtles and beautiful graceful birds and some fish, and of course other people in their boats, enjoying the beautiful sunshine just like us! I guess they've never seen a dog in a rowboat before, because they kept telling me how cute I am and taking my picture. But I'm pretty used to that stuff.

We walked all the way home after the boat ride and that's like 3 miles or something, which is no big deal for me since my cancer's in remission and I feel GREAT right now. But Mom got pretty tired and I could tell she was ready for a nap. She had to work on Saturday night AND on Sunday...what a BUMMER, right?! Seriously y'all, she really needed a break this weekend and I was more than happy to treat her to a fun day in the New York City sun. We were a couple of carefree city girls!

So that's pretty much it, you guys. I just wanted to tell you how much fun we had crossing one more thing off of my bucket list. There's a LOT of stuff we want to do together before...well, you know. There is no cure for lymphoma and thanks to all our Heroes who helped me get chemotherapy, I really feel like my old puppy self! But the sad truth is that if we don't raise enough money to get radiation for me, we will rully rully be racing against the cancer clock to do all of the other stuff on my list, like going on vacation together, and running around off the leash chasing stuff, and and playing in the ocean and stuff like that.

Omidog NOW I totally understand why Mom is under so much pressure right now! She rully rully loves me and I love her too, and if I can get radiation then it will prolly be like two more years of us being carefree city girls together! We have LOTS of fans like YOU and your doggy loving friends who know how we feel right now and we rully need your help. Can you maybe visit the Ways To Help page on our website and help us out a little bit? If you've already made a donation or if you just can't right now, we know times are hard and we understand! If that's you, you can STILL help by SHARING the links to our videos and blogs on Facebook and stuff. Every little bit helps, you guys!

I'm gonna go crawl into bed now next to Mom. She's snoring like a grandpa over here. Sheesh!


Sophelina Chantilly Smith

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