Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sophie's Radiation Rehearsal

Sophelina is spending the day at New York Veterinary Specialists in Manhattan with the NYCVS oncology team, undergoing a "dress rehearsal" for half-body radiation. Among the technicians caring for her today are Darlene and Stephanie, who know Sophie very well. They agreed to take a few photos so I could share them with you! Here a link to the set:

Today Sophie was anesthetized so that she could remain motionless in the radiation chamber while precise measurements are taken for the treatments. Half-body radiation is two treatments, two weeks apart, with a check-up in between. She is expected to experience some side effects after the second dose, which will be administered on May 18. The cost of the procedure is about $5,000, but the payoff is unquestionably worth it to me: TWO MORE YEARS of quality life.

Can you help Sophie cross the cancer finish line? We are closer and closer every day, thanks to the compassionate people we have met through the Riedel & Cody Fund. Thank you so much for all of your support!


Jenny & Sophie

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